WebMD, Help Me!

It’s been another rough week. Like, right from Monday. I tried. I have really tried.
It’s been some stuff at work I have been dealing with, but also this uncontrollable fury just bubbling and boiling out of me. Frustration. Rage. A set jaw, the devil in your eye and an itching and clinging feeling crawling all over your skin.

So, experts of the interwebs, what is going on with me? I feel like I am going to have a violent and vocal outburst because of what I am feeling. And I really, really can’t afford to do that. Is it depression? Stress? Being cooped up with children, work, school and never any down or me time? Is it the winter and cold? Lack of sun? Some one has to have an idea of what I could do or get that could calm this bitter rage just festering inside of me.

I am miserable to be around, I am about to the point where I am going to tell my boss to fuck off (even though there is no way in hell I can afford that) and just do something else entirely. I am even struggling to maintain interest in school, even though it is the one thing I look forward to and love. I am beginning to resent it and get so frustrated at it.

Maybe a break would do me well. But I can’t exactly afford one. Time or money-wise. I feel like I need to just eat and sleep and rest and have fun and dance and let go a little of everything that is keeping me wound up and so anxious.


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