Mama’s Working

I love me-time!

Sick kids+a work at home job=income. Or, at least getting stuff done.
I was able to go into work and school until about 12:00 this afternoon, then I got a message from my daycare provider saying the three year old had a fever and had to picked up.

So, a quick stop to get gas and then we were headed home. I was super happy to stop at the Post Office and see my doTERRA oils were in (YAY) and couldn’t wait to get home and open up the box so I could get them on my sick kids. My amazing friend sells them, and I was able to order a kit this month so I am set for a while.

But, other than that I made a gazillion calls. And have decided this is the year I also want to start working towards buying a home.
My goal is to buy within the next three years, so I made several calls today regarding that (classes, some programs, lenders, etc.) as I want to be proactive and prepare and educate and start moving towards that goal. And what better month to do that then in January? Here’s to hoping I actually get some calls back as well as the information I requested (insert wry face).

Also, sick kids also gives me a chance to sit down and unwind with some coffee while I talk at you. And please, if you’d like to actually have a conversation with me I’d love that too. I am a working mama, I never get to talk to anyone besides to argue with tiny people about what cup belongs to who and that no, they really don’t need to watch Chuggington for the hundredth time.
So, Posh (my own business), coffee, blogging, doTERRA, several inches of snow and napping kids. GO ME!


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