It’s Hell and it’s been Frozen Over

Accurate depiction of my home when I walked in

It all started at about 1:30 when I, to my horror and amusement, I fell asleep at work.

My daughter has been sick and not feeling good, so she has been keeping me up a lot at night as well as this weird cycle I am on of waking up multiple times and unable to go back to sleep.
Then the two year old decided to scream all the way home. And then I got home and am surrounded by nothing but dirty dishes, counters, floors and toys strewn all over. A sink that has needed scrubbed for months and dinner looming ever-closer.
Laundry that I folded last night was still in need of being put away, with several more loads to do.

And it’s been a fan-freaking-tastic -15 degrees, warming up to a balmy seven with a lovely wind accompanying the delightful temperatures. And my can opener broke. It’s the fifth one I have managed to destroy in a year. And I swear I am fucking cursed when it comes to those things.

I also got a delightful email from the ex. That was just great, too. I love getting communications from the person I have a restraining order against.

So, I began to frantically make dinner only to discover that several key ingredients I can’t access because I have no can opener. All the while being screamed at by three small children who either need dinner RIGHT NOW or they are GOING TO DIE or by the sick baby who needs her mama to hold her and pack her around all the time. I gave up and opened a can of stew (thankfully I did not need the can opener for that one) and warmed it up and served it with bread. My poor starving children ate a whopping five bites and decided they were full and wanted to go play. At this point…I really don’t care.

I hung in there until six, then made them go potty and kiss me and I put them in bed. I really don’t even care if they fall asleep or not. As long as they are in their room knowing they have to be quiet and stay in there, I will be more than happy with that.

Okay, so it wasn’t a bad day. Really. I am just cranky because I am tired and feeling like I need a maid. Desperately. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could hire one. Unless they’d be happy with $3 a day.


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