“First Day”

It’s what I have dubbed it. The first day back at real life after being home either sick or on winter break for a few weeks. I have been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading First Day.
I knew it would be hard as getting up early again (5:00-5:30) and rushing all morning to get out the door is never easy, but also because First Day is always just crazy and hectic. Stressful. Chaotic. Definitely chaotic.

So. Today was my First Day. And it may have just made me cry a few times. Not sobbing and bawling in the car. But definitely a few tears trickled down my cheeks. It was one kinda bad thing after another and a whole lotta’ nothing I can do about it. Let me run you through it…

Late leaving the house. Boys screaming and fighting. Door on the van wouldn’t open. It was FUCKING ZERO DEGREES. Van was still cold. Coat doesn’t fit. Coat made my hair a static mess. Fingers freezing all the way in to town. Stuck behind morons going 40-45 all the way into town. Two year old screaming because he got snow on his boots. Financial aid didn’t come through and my tuition has not been paid yet. Found out I have to stay until three every day to get my hours in. No missing work or being able to leave early because of class schedules. Found out that my beloved class (Accounting 202) is now all online and videos and therefore I won’t actually be in class at all. (That was actually the hardest blow as it is the only thing I look forward to). My plant was pretty much dead from being frozen and then dehydrated for weeks. Had court. Found out I had to drive back home to get documents for court. Got stuck behind someone doing thirty. Got to the passing lane and began to pass. They blew by me going way over 60 mph. Screamed and gave them the finger. Got home and got the document (it is still freezing cold) and began to drive back to town with less than 20 minutes to spare for my court hearing. Got another review hearing for next month. (MORE FREAKING COURT.) Picked up children. Door on the van wouldn’t open. Stopped to get diapers and groceries. Two year old screamed all the way home. Door on the van wouldn’t open. Made five trips out to the van and back to get all the kids, groceries, diapers and my stuff in. (Have I mentioned it is FREAKING cold?) Hair was still a static mess and I kept getting shocked. Last trip in and my fingers got wet. Froze to door handle. Managed to piss off the guy I love (who yeah, doesn’t love me back) and he isn’t talking to me. Oh. And I have been up since three. FIRST. DAY.

I hate you, First Day. Thank God you only come around every few months because there is no way in hell that I could deal with you and your shit every day.


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