I Have A Problem

Rockin' my Posh shirt I got for being promoted

Not only am I sucker for bath and beauty products (hence my Posh business) but I also seem to be unable to resist cute baby girl clothes for my daughter. Granted, I only get them if they are clearance and if she needs them. But the DESIRE to look, and get, something for her every time I walk into a store is almost impossible to ignore.
Not that I don’t get stuff for my boys. But lets face it, it is just not nearly as cute.
My almost-five-year-old girl I have the same problem with. I want to buy her stuff (and clothes, mostly clothes) all the time. I know she doesn’t need any as so many are given to her, but uuuuuugggghhhh. I almost wish she wasn’t given so many so I could shop for her.

My biggest problem though? Live video. Office supplies. Being excited about something. Paper. ALL THE PAPER AND OFFICE STUFF AND PENS AND ORGANIZERS. It’s the worst addiction to a non-drug item I have ever had. And it’s making me wish I had money to shop for that stuff ALL THE TIME. I can’t resist. I can’t help it! I held myself back and only bought clearance notebooks this time (thankfully they finally got rid of the Taylor Swift ones and I was able to find good ol’ regular ones) and bought a stack of those in preparation for the new school year and my business. You can never have enough notebooks.
Now I have an irresistible urge to go buy something to organize all my notebooks in…and Posh stuff. Because next to office stuffs, that’s the next obsession I have. God. I LOVE Posh. And I want it all. More than anything I want all the Posh! It’s fun and cute and smells amazing and doesn’t have all the crap in it that makes my skin scream. Seriously. Give me an amazing office, a Staples and Office Max, and Posh. Please. I’ll trade you for my unicorn.


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