Green Hangover Cures and Posh

Our new Start Kit for January! Also not pictured is the new consultant exclusive

So I may have woke up with a headache this morning. Just a slight one. I spread the drinking out over several hours but half a bottle of wine, three shots and a beer was plenty for this mama. And I am not feeling so hot.

I have a green veggie and fruit drink I am sipping on and decided to cave and take some baby Tylenol too (as that’s just about the strongest pain medicine I can tolerate) and announced to my children “We are living in filth today. Mama is sick. So if you guys want to do anything about it, please do. I can’t make you today.” Ugh. My stomach too.

I am super excited about the new consultant exclusive that came out for Posh today, and the new kit! I am focusing on making my business work for me this month. It made such a difference for me financially since I began this journey in October, and has actually paid my bills and bought shoes for my kids. And as a very low-income mama (we are talking like $1,200 a month) it makes a world of difference having that extra. AND I get so much for free for my own personal use or to use as gifts. It’s kinda awesome I gotta say.
I got promoted too, and now get 25% commission so that is pretty freaking sweet and adds up fast. I love this company!

So, besides choking down my green sludge, ignoring my children, and dreaming about Posh, I have to get ready for the month. And not the “New Year, New Me” crap, but the real stuff. Like paying rent, electric and internet, gas, quarters for laundry, diapers, wipes…*groans*.  Okay, but I am excited for what another year will bring and what amazing things will happen. So besides the drudge of the known, the adventure and mystery of the unknown makes me smile.


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