Interviews and Icy Roads and Oh My God, I Killed the Babysitter

Job interviews are always nerve-wracking. But when you’re sitting in the parking lot of the store waiting to meet your baby sitter so you can go to the interview (across town) and it’s 9:20 and your interview is at 9:30 and she still isn’t there…you start imagining the worst. And it is bad out there. I mean, BAD. Solid ice on the roads and hills (and yes, she lives up on the mountain and that is why she met me in town, because there is no way my van could make it up Hell Hill) and you start imaging the slide-off she might have done, or someone hit her, or she was stuck….and then start looking for the number for the place to call them and say you can’t make it because you killed your babysitter by being selfish and asking them to meet you in town instead of driving out there. And then the guilt starts building up as you realize you probably just killed someone by asking them to watch your kids and how are you going to live after that and why, oh why didn’t you just ask for a different date or time to do the interview….and then they show up. Whew! Okay. We can do this!
A Superman-fast transfer of kids and you speed out, sliding all over the parking lot as you rush to the interview and arrive a few moments late.


I think I did okay. Of course, there was the time when I completely forgot what word I needed to answer the interviewers question (honest, the word was honest) and then I started getting horrible dry mouth, caught myself chewing frantically (a bad habit of mine) on my lip, started sweating, and then, sweet relief! Finally able to walk out the door. Only to realize once back in the vehicle how badly I really, really want this job and yet I think I absolutely ruined any chance I had of getting it.
Well, I will find out tonight. And I am hoping I do, but at the same time am a nervous wreck over it as that means change. And a lot of change. And change is something very, very hard to deal with.


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