The Signs are Against Me

Even though I am not really into horoscopes or stuff like that (see, I said “stuff” because I don’t even know what it is called) I do believe in the sun signs correlating to personalities so always look at my kids and what they are in order to understand them more.

Well, decided (while on the phone to my sister) to look up what the “rising” is for each of my three youngest as I haven’t done that before.
I breathed a sigh of relief over my daughter, who is a Gemini with an Aquarius rising and Virgo moon. Or whatever. She will be different, but chill.
My three year old is a Libra (lots of patience with those) with a Sagittarius rising and an Aquarius moon. Okay, sweet. Can totally do that.
My two year old. Oh, lort my two year old.
Guess what he is. Just guess. Sagittarius. Right? Okay. Cancer rising (uh-oh) and….a Taurus moon.
I love him dearly. I really do. He is amazing and sweet and when he smiles he literally lights up the room. WHEN he smiles. This poor baby has probably screamed non-stop for the two years of his life and it’s been a roller-coaster ride. And these…they explain it all. They explain SO much. And O.M.G. the cards have been stacked against me.

As my sister and I will both tell you, never ever EVER have a Sagittarius baby (her son is one year older to the DAY) and please for the love of GOD never have one with a Cancer and Taurus influence. He is sweet. Believe me. He is so smart and kind and thoughtful. But he does certainly have some issues that I have been helping him get over to the best of my abilities. Lots of research and love and patience with this baby boy.

Word of advice though, Sagittarius are the more difficult of the sun signs. Taurus and Cancer are also hard to get through to. Having all three in one? Prayers, please. Seriously. I don’t even know what I am doing now.


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