Book Swaps

This. This is just sexy

I love to read. Absolutely lose myself in almost every book I pick up.
As a single mom of six (yes, SIX. Ages almost-ten to six months old) I never have the time to read it seems like. However, with sick kids and then a break from school and work over the winter, it seems like all I have is time. A lot of it. So I decided to spoil myself and pick up some books to read from the Dollar Store here in town.

I thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in the story again, but found it hard to concentrate and keep up with where the story was leading through the numerous distractions. It also sparked my desire and lust I have for books and reading, so decided to sign back up for Paperbackswap. (
I was displeased to see that they have now started charging for a bookswap (as if mailing a book for three dollars wasn’t already enough) but even after scoping, signing up for and checking tons of different sites, it was still the best (I am still open for suggestions).

I do not have the time or desire to go to my local library as that means getting three little children in and out of the car as well as trying to keep them quiet and contained while browsing, so the library is a BIG nope for me. I know, I am selfish. But I absolutely hate taking little ones to it as it is a nightmare. A headache. A fiasco. Not something I enjoy at all.

So, I am open for suggestions. Because I really, truly do love to read and have missed it. And I would like to continue reading when I have a spare moment instead of staring mindlessly at my phone like a good little human.


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