Cold Toes

Yes, this goes into the Mindless Rambling category. Have fun with that.

I love the snow. It is magical, liberating, enthralling, and just beautiful. One thing that I hate, is that with snow obviously comes the cold. And the cold is unbearable on toes that were frostbit (I know, gross) at the young age of thirteen. In Alaska. When I, at thirteen, didn’t realize it was -40 and decided to run outside, barefoot, through the snow, to my sister’s van to retrieve something for her. Can I blame it on her for not telling me it was that cold and that my toes would nearly rot off? No. Probably not. At thirteen you’re still stupid, but should be mature enough to not run outside in the snow when it’s that dang cold. So, here I am, 26 years old, with freezing toes when it’s over thirty degrees out right now and I just kind of want to cry.
So I need socks. A lot of socks. And slippers and slipper socks. As an adult with perpetually cold toes, I literally beg for warm items for my feet during the winter. Boots. Socks. Slippers. You name it and I want it.
The only thing I have ever found to keep my toes semi-warm during the winter are these uhhhh-MAZING slipper socks I found at Wal-Mart. And no, I didn’t get nearly enough. I was smart enough to grab two pairs, but oh lort they actually keep my feet semi-warm and I want them all. So if ya’ll have any of them laying around…send ’em my way. I’ll wear the shit out of those.



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